Environmental requirements are getting more and more important in the construction industry, especially when it comes to choosing building materials. Although there is a fair amount of BREEAM- approved buildings in Norway, this new office building at Otto Nielsens Vei is the first BREEAM- Excellent project in the city of Trondheim. 

The new building, consisting of 9.500 m2 opened in 2017, and was the fifth and final construction phase in a building project that started in the 1970s. All together these five buildings, including a parking garage, consist of 28.996 m2.

Nordic Semiconductor, an advanced technology company with headquarters in Trondheim, and with their original offices in one of the existing buildings in Otto Nilsens vei 12, needed more office space, despite already having offices in one of the existing buildings. The company therefore wanted a new building for their headquarters and their 260 employees. They also anticipate an expansion in the coming years, so the building is designed to hold up to 400 employees. Nordic Semiconductor has high demands for their working environment and confidentiality, as high technology is tested and developed inside thire mini-labs and offices.

Arcasa arkitekter in Oslo has been responsible for the construction of three of the four other buildings, as well as being hired to design the last building. The four floors in the building are almost identical, consisting of office spaces in different sizes, meeting rooms and a shared office on every floor. Rockfon Blanka dB42 (replaced by Rockfon Blanka dB 43) is installed in most of the offices. Rockfon Tropic has also been installed in the building.

Trondheim office building

Otto Nielsens veg 12
7052 Trondheim

Trondheim office building

Arkitekt:Arcasa arkitekter
Fotograf:Erik Burås
Produkter:Rockfon Blanka® dB 43
Modulstorlek:600 x 600

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