A large school, a large problem

The primary school no 340 is the largest institution of this kind in Warsaw. As many as 1,200 children attend it, and the teaching group counts over 100 people. During breaks, on average, 400 children are staying on one floor. The endless noise was unbearable and disturbed both, the teachers and the children. Unfortunately, the sound problem also involved classrooms. Every murmur, noise or sounds of conversations between students reflected off the slippery, flat surfaces in the classroom, and therefore the reception of information provided by the teacher was difficult and often impossible. - It happened that the children were lethargic and laid down on their benches, and the teachers complained about the notorious headache - says Joanna Lejza, a Polish language teacher and deputy director of the school.

Noise confirmed by tests

In August 2017, acousticians from the archaucoustic studio carried out noise measurements at school. The results were alarming and confirmed that the level of acoustic comfort is insufficient. Independent research was also carried out by sanitary-epidemiological station. It turned out that the sound intensity at school during breaks was similar to that generated by a jet engine airplane. 

Sound-absorbing materials to the rescue

The acoustic adaptation of the school was based on proven acoustic solutions from the Rockfon offer. In the modernized classes, corridors and in the auditorium, the following were applied: Rockfon® Koral ™, Rockfon® Tropic ™ and Rockfon® VertiQ ™.

Finally, it's quieter!

- The best confirmation of the effectiveness of Rockfon solutions is improvement the results of teaching and the condition of students and teachers. Children are not tired during the classes, they walk smiling, they do not complain about headaches - says Małgorzata Antonowicz.

The comfort of learning and teaching has also increased significantly.

Primary School number 340

Eugeniusza Lokajskiego 3
02-793 Warsaw


Primary School no. 340

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