Sundtkvartalet consists of 31.300 m2 where of 92% is rented out. The building was planned in a joint venture between Skanska and Entra, both companies having 50% ownership. In addition, Skanska was the entrepreneur on the project and the architect was Dyrvik Arkitekter.

The builder had high ambitions for the building regarding sustainability, which meant low use of energy and a good indoor climate was therefore highly emphasized. Sundtkvartalet is now a top modern office building in energy class A and is approved BREEAM-NOR Excellent. 

Sundtkvartalet is aimed to contribute to a good development of the city and a revitalization of this part of the city. The project had the intention to adjust and contribute to the existing buildings and city environment. The result is impressive. Both the high quality of the building and also the mix of attractive tenants are contributing to a good development of this part of the city.

Skanska Norway is the largest tenant with their new office covering 25% of the total space, containing 400 people. The building has a total capacity of 1500 office workspaces. Besides Skanska Norway, Manpower Group, Mattilsynet, Tidal Music, Knowit and IBM have their offices in the building.

Skanska’s needs and demands have been leading in the project where effective, flexible and good offices and work stations has been in focus. Rockfon® Sonar® dB 42 is installed in most offices in Sundtkvartalet. Rockfon® Sonar® dB 42 provide enhanced room to room sound insulation as well as a high level of sound absorption in areas where confidentiality is important. In stairways and in the open space area in Skanska’s office, Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic is installed. This open space is both a reception, a place to mingle, or to sit down with your laptop or just have a coffee. The employees also have regular common meetings here, which demands for a good sound environment.


Lakkegata 53
0187 Oslo

Sundtkvartalet kontorsbyggnad

Arkitekt:Dyrvik Arkitekter
Fotograf:Erik Burås
Produkter:Rockfon Sonar® dB 43
Modulstorlek:600 x 600

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